Heaven's Gone


No, but thanks for asking, all is not well,
There's no cure for this indescribable misfortune,
No remedy for this pain,
Starting to wonder if, maybe, I should try again,
To loose it all, to let everything go,
To give up on all humanity, perhaps,
Maybe someday there will be hope, a future,
While speaking through the bedsheets does have its benefits,
I'm sure opening my eyes to see a face would be much better,
But, in the end, I'm sure the world will turn its back on me,
Like it's done once before,
Maybe Armageddon will wrap it's wings around me,
Penetrating this undying civilization,
Maybe someday people will realize what evil creatures they are,
Violent, self-centered nobodies,
They don't see it, but it's all that ever haunts me,
And all I have to express it through is a sheet of notebook paper,
Because I know that nobody understands this fate,
This force deep inside of me that screams at the world,
While I hide in my hallow shell, letting everyone step on me,
Why, you ask? Maybe it's because I love the pain,
Maybe it's because being tossed around is all I know,
I hold all the anger inside, the loneliness, and despair,
Because all is not well, emptiness has gone too far,
There's no returning, no turning back, because I have seen the wingless,
A dream without colour means you're empty inside,
So why wait? Why turn back?
The eyes of human beings have turned uncivilized, and black,
They're no longer real, so many times I've let betrayal win,
Only to realize that Heaven's light had faded long ago.

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