Simply Fallen


Simply fallen,

Leaves in April, touching my face,

Your fingertips, my eyes closing,

Drifting into a soft, endless sleep,

Where our eyes meet, and the world around us disappears,

A matrimony of our souls, our being,

Stalking my inner source, my unlit fire.

We dance in the twilight, the candlelight,

Voices fade to nothing, integrity,

A word of make believe and immoral fantasy,

But each word you speak takes away the pain,

The toxic on your lips imprisons me, captivating,

Silencing the wounds that my heart has created,

Simply fallen, feathers, shadow and doubt.

Simply fallen,

Fingers lacing, defining every doorway through my eyes,

Like pools of light binding with dark waters,

Arms around me like vines, like roses,

Taking me into an oblivion, a peaceful, Heavenly rest,

Where you and I can live together, love together,

In the shadow of your belonging...

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