Hurting Me


The walls are fading in, no colours, I'm sticking to the bedsheets,

I'm molding there, rotting, decomposing because I can't take it,

The lies, everybody, laughing in my face because I'm not strong enough,

Not good enough to endure the pain, my friends like monsters,

Hiding under my bed, reaching out and grabbing my ankles when I try to escape,

Their agony, their betrayal, their words of pain they expect me to hold within,

Though I don't want to do this, you're hurting me, you're killing me,

All of you, I can't stand it, your words, your mistrust, your madness,

Why do people change? I watched them all morph into different shapes,

Different patterns, their voices altering, their views disappearing,

Am I only asleep? Am I only dreaming?

Bleeding down these palms, leaking black mascara,

I can't stand this anymore, this unholy recollection,

Blinded by choices, by faults, misguidance,

You're the one doing this, I blame it on you, I'm pointing the finger,

Judging me, you're judging me. I want to hate you for it, too,

I don't need you anymore, is that what you want? Is that what you wish?

Because only you have the power to let these things go,

So run with it, run with your misrepresented pride and guilty promises,

Wait for the dark waters to consume you as you hurt me,

Over and over hurt me.

Because I don't care. I'll endure it. I'll take it all...

Because I love you.

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