Cold Hearted


It's all I can give you, a cold and ugly heart,

Turned to ashes on the behalf,

Of my worried mind,

I'll wait for you if I must,

Even if it means forcing myself

To change into something I never thought I could be...

I imagine my future,

An empty, baron void

In this nightmare, I cannot awake,

And now I turn to shadows,

Because I fail to keep myself for you...

Deserving of this insanity,

I cherish you,

If it wasn't for you, I'd stop my breathing,

My broken, non-existing heart would refuse to beat,

I'll kill my heart for you,

If you promise to never love me,

In this world so unreal, I'll wait for you,

And hurt myself,

Just to breathe in the scent

Of your undying perfection...

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