Just To See You Smile...

2005 or older

You see, these scars... they hold memories, each one mentions you

The things that you have done feel alright once the razor hits the flesh

It's okay, you don't need to apologize to me, because I am really just fine

I do this because you want me too, and you know you want it too

The torment you put me through, the things I am forced to watch

It hurts me, and you love it... every moment of it, you can see it...

I can see it too, it bites me... takes me into a world of darkness

It's always been there, I could feel it every time I thought of you

This world of black, so innocent... I can feel it in me

It's in you too... I love you, I'm not afraid to admit that now

But when you do the things you do, it hurts me.

There is no reason for why it does, because it shouldn't hurt so badly.

You love it. The smell, taste and feel of the blood cascading these arms

The fear in your eyes shows the whole thing, the whole story

But I'd do anything for you... can you not see? I love you.

There is nothing that can change my mind or stop me from it either.

All I ever wanted was to see you smile, to see you laugh and be happy

And I wanted you to hold me in your arms, to feel me

I want to feel you move inside of me... I needed you there to breathe

But you would always leave me, for her. Why? But that's okay... I'm alright

And now the blood rises to the surface, I can feel it... it wants to see you too

It wants to see you smile; I'm giving you what you want, you see?

I ripped out my heart, it hurts so bad. But it's because I love you.

I bleed for you... I hurt for you... I die for you, my love...

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