Mind Tricks

2005 or older

Okay, so these thoughts of you possess my mind

I can't help the fact that I'm always thinking of you

Can't quite figure out why you are always there

I'm drowning in you... drowning in your reflection

In your eyes I see my own expectations

In your smile I see myself

I never wanted it to end like this... but since it already started

To see you I must close my eyes

To live I must breathe you, taste you...

Can't take this life without you next to me

Can't help but hurt myself to feel you

Inside I know that it's all okay

That someday you and I can be

Is there something wrong with me? My sight is getting pure

I'm beginning to think that you are my whole world

I think I need to see someone for this, maybe I'm cursed

But right now I think I'll just dream about you while I can

In your eyes I see my own self esteem

Not to much if you ask me

I never wanted it to end like this...

I never wanted you to love me like this

It's just so obvious... they will never believe...

Just a little while longer while I fade away

To see you I must close my eyes

I need to taste you, every inch of you

Call me psycho but I need you here to breathe

When you escape me I feel the urge to pull you back

Please put me out of this misery

Don't look back

It's all just a fantasy right?

I can get through this; it's all my imagination correct?

I look back and see my reflection... I lost you.

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