This Creation

2005 or older

I worked so hard to get this thing completed

And as I watch my creation get destroyed by the angels

 I know that there is nothing more I can do

I try so hard to see your fear, yet nothing shows upon your face

You make it so hard to notice a thing

And I feel as though you've been lifeless all these years

I know that you can't show a smile, or laugh, or even love

I know that all I've waited for will never ever come

And knowing this darkness makes it hard to reach out

I can't take this anymore, I want you to stay with me

I'll fight them for my creation, i wont let them take you away

Nothing, not even death can stand between us

And as I look upon this ground, I watch my tears run cold

But when I look up into your eyes I see that you want me to forget

But I can't do that, I wont do that... I could never let you go

And when the time comes to say goodbye I know I wont let go

You are the only one I could ever love and I wont let that be destroyed

I know you'll always love me, but why must the lie shine through...?

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