2005 or older

Together we shine but it doesn't last long

I know you but it doesn't seem like you try hard enough

and even though you see me standing here

i cant help but let the tears fall from my eyes

love, like a flower, slowly wilts to nothing

causing the day to end just a little too soon

and the mirror always seems to shatter when i stare into it

the shards fall, my soul cannot resist this sadness

melt away... i shall quickly melt away

and run away with my heart in my hand

i cannot face up to you, its just to hard

and i cant dream anymore for thoughts of you shade my dreams

after you broke us apart, after my heart was torn in half

i cant help but bleed my fears away

as one tear breaks away another takes its place

holding onto this silence just a little while longer

alone, like pain, tossed aside for the new day to destroy

for the new day to arise... i cant hold onto this glory

life, like roses, start with broken dreams

and i cant take this pain any longer

please take the life from me and let me die

because i have nowhere else to turn

if i don't love myself would you be there to do it for me?

and if i cant stop this pain would you put me out of my misery?

would you pick up the pieces if i shatter again?

and would you help me through if i cant make it?

its not that easy keeping the pain locked up inside of me

and its not that easy to continue after you loose the fight

and i'm still wishing upon every single shining star

that you will be there to help me understand the world

i'm so lost, even though i have people here with me

and i feel this sadness could go on forever

i can never feel as everyone else does...

why must everyone feel so good all the time

i want to stop myself from hurting but i cant help it

i cant help but let myself bleed so i can will away the tears

the pain is locked up inside, crawling through me to find an escape

and when it finally gets out, my soul will have to fade again

still trying to survive through this life just a little more

still trying to find a way to feel better for once

this life seems to be going on forever and

i'm still alone in the airborne feathers of the angels...

i can never hurt myself more then you hurt me

and i can never speak to you the way i used to

and i can never hold on to what little i have

could you ever forgive me?

i don't know how much longer i can take this pain...

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