The Reflection

2005 or older

Bloody mirror, covered in your lies

Looking through myself to see your amber-coloured eyes

A dark world, beyond the glass of fate

A world to destroy, a world to create

Alone are you, sad like a crow

A demonic reflection lets me know

That you are here tonight and will be here every day

Just wishing for a chance to keep you away

How I'd love to stay around just to keep you sane

But how can I survive when you bring me such pain?

Can you not see this? The love that I show?

Because I want you to see... I want you to know...

Life is like dying, as dying is living

Holding onto thoughts that are so violently screaming

I see that you're scared, nothing but a lie

Holding onto a distant past, and starting to cry

You'll never return to me, I'll never have you

I want you to recognize all that I've been through

With every horror, every pain, and every recollection

Your amber-coloured eyes brought out that reflection...

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