While You Slept


Stretching over me, memories, vanishing, tranquilizing,

Shadows penetrating, black and white, can't feel my breath,

Am I not breathing? Am I not seeing? Am I not real?

Questions, hypnotizing, washing over me, tranquility,

A kingdom, soaring high on wings of non-existence,

Holding your hand, touching your face, your lips,

On the sand, the concrete, an abandoned building,

And you hurt me, hurt me, hurt me,

But I love it, cherish it, hold it within me,

Rid me of thought, of reality, I'd rather be dreaming,

While I sleep, you don't leave me, you stay beside me,

We're smiling, laughing, loving and enjoying,

Every moment, hour that we spend together,

That feels like only seconds until I'm awoken,

The blackness surrounds me once again, stretching over me,

The tranquility gone, sun probes through my eyelids, it's violent,

My eyes shoot open, dilation, abomination, dirty and fascination,

I'm here, I'm breathing, I'm real, I'm alive.

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