Good Girls Tell Lies


Look, don't touch,

Let the wind blow out the candle's fire,

While you sit in silence, captivating silence, penetrating silence,

The light is off, your eyes close, your heart grows,

An impatience so terrifying, unrepeated,

They never meant a thing to you, just obstacles,

No other can speak a word of intelligent stupidity,

Nobody understands the bond between you and your world,

You're alone, and you're afraid, stand proud, stand free,

Knowing that nothing can stand in your way,

Yet a barrier blocks out all sound, all silence,

Much louder than the break between emptiness and shadow,

Snapping tight, like fallen twigs, the Autumn air gets through,

Your broken window, your broken soul,

So take that razor and cut away useless vines,

When it's the only thing left, the only thing that's real,

A masterpiece in blood, in drowned out screams and suffocation,

Don't speak, don't touch, don't make a sound,

Hush the world around you with a bang, bang, bang,

The writing on the wall, the belligerence, the pain,

The torture, the world, the loneliness and bitterness of a crowded space,

Like clouds floating overhead, dispersing, fading out and echoing,

Because you're truly the only one left, no talent, no peace, no serenity,

Just the blood spilling from lacerations, from tears from your eyes,

You're empty, nothing, useless, worthless, pathetic, a lie,

Nobody believes, so what's the point in pretending,

When the widow's got her back to you, her eyes swollen shut,

Her lips sewn in stitches, and her head bowed,

She wonders what became of you, the all-knowing, your trust,

As now you take baby steps down a broken road, bare feet on shattered glass,

Your head bowed, like hers, with words choking you on your own breath,

I digress, the window, the candle, the suffering of misleading interpretations,

Look, don't touch,

Your eyes are bleeding lies as your heart speaks words of doubt.

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