Writhing, down on the floor and crying,

Unexplaining why this moment occurs,

Defying, screaming towards the sky and dying,

Regretting every breath I've taken.

You make me scream, you make me sick,

My stomach is in butterfly knots,

You follow me, insist on control,

You'll never have me... and you can't see.

I'm broken,

This city of lights has lead us in the wrong direction.

I hate you,

But my lies can't take your eyes off of me.

Breaking, yet another smile I'm faking,

Existing not on the verge of hope,

Glowing, kiss of death and still knowing,

Showing you some piece of mind.

You make me grind my teeth in rage,

My head is spinning with premature thoughts,

You make my fists turn red with ANGER,

You'll never let loose... and you can't see.

I'm fighting,

You back with a handful of lies, inside my mind you cannot hide.

I hate you,

But I must resist a futile heart, we must depart my fair friend.

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