I Am Mother Earth


The Sky's morning light reflects through the curtains

Over a perfectly made bed I have never slept in

While little white dots dance behind silk doorways

Listening to the departure of my roaring thunder

And the sea whimpers patience as her razors slash the shore

Of my bleeding world - of my tormented world

This is my love for you dressed in scarlet

With ballads of the unspoken on every crashing wave

Because I never knew another way to impress you

With my gallant flowers braided in my hair

And I am too shy to speak with you, or remember you

Because, quite frankly, I do not recall having a memory, or an ability

I am Mother Earth with her arms bleeding

Because happiness is a longing that I never knew

And if I cannot have you, and only you

I shall wrap my arms around you with the comfort of trees

Nestled within the heart of my empire

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