Without a crack upon my face,

Eyes of porcelain, hair of lace,

This is how I wish I'd be,

Perfect, flawless, and pretty.

Nails of gold, and slender wrists,

Hair in tumbles, curls, and twists,

Not too tall and not too thin,

A smile that shines the light within.

Long, soft legs with fragile hips,

Lashes long, and perfect lips,

Two twin breasts, not big or small,

A voice that's soothing, that's not all.

A slender tummy, and thighs of steel,

They will ask 'Is she for real?'

I'll walk on water and soar on high,

If I'm that pretty, I'd never cry.

But I can wish, and I can pray,

Yet, unflawless is how I'll stay,

It's not the way I'll ever be,

Cursed forever, unpretty.

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