Truth; Be Not Afraid


I saw an angel today

His feathers stretched across my throne

And on his head he bore a crown of roses

White as snow with crystalline tears

In his long, long hair

And in these tears I heard a siren call

They mourned for me a lament

That integrated me with spectacular romance

With razorblades in his eyes

He scraped my body

Crimson red pedals leaking down green vines

His perfect body held an imperfect blade

So intensely beautiful, I could not control myself

The snow fell down around us, and I could see

The angel could stand on his own

And came to me, crying

He told me not to fear him

"Truth, be not afraid, for I am (Innocent),

                 Though I have a dark side."

I saw an angel today

               With long, long hair

                         Shaping slender shoulders.

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