Lay Here To Decay


I watched you change,
And you never noticed that I'm still sitting here,
Mourning over my own self-infliction,
Please, don't hide yourself,
Because you fear other people will judge you.

I don't see myself living passed tomorrow,
But somehow I manage to live for today,
Pulling my mortal step through so many lies,
While the world reaches out and takes hold,
Of something that was never meant to be.

Lifted up by wings of misfortune,
Letting fear overcome me, let guilt portray,
Speaking words that come out like whispers,
Though all along I thought I was screaming,
Yet, every thing's the same in the end.

Cornering me is my own self-confidence,
Laughing because I'm so naive,
But I think I'm falling in love with your resistance,
And the way the rest of the world views me,
Either that, or I have already given in.

So tired of being luckless,
I've tried to find the change of life,
In the palms of mother's hands,
Because I really don't know,
If the world can keep spinning.

Really can't comprehend,
This indestructible force,
Holding me back, and preventing me,
From holding the hand of salvation,
Instead, I lay here to decay.

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