I just don't understand

I just don't understand why

when I look to the sky

I close my eyes and I count to ten

I Wish Upon a Star, with every morning sun

They say Wish Upon a Star

And your dreams will come true

I watch the clouds roll on by

Hoping I may find you watching over me

I just don't understand

why does life have to be so cruel

They say Blow out all your candles

And your wishes will come true

I just don't understand why they have to lie

Dreams are just goals you set

Wishes are just a fantasy

These things don't just happen

you got to make it happen

I just don't understand why

Why can't you just tell the truth

Yes I believe in Santa Claus

Will I tell my kids he's as real as you and me

Of course I will

Cause he died long before I came along

My kids will understand

While they they were growing up

Why mommy had to lie

Don't judge me

I may contradict what I'm saying

But if you take the time to read this

You will understand

What it is I'm trying to say


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