Its so dark here all alone 

Sitting in the corner 

Her mind is gone

Memories play on the edge of extinction 

The bracelet she wear slides down to the ground

She wear a slip if cloth they call a gown

Tied on with strings that wrap all around

She stand to her feet

And breathes in the air 

The feel if defeat is coming near 

Frosted windows let in small light

 Her skin feels the air of the chilled winter night

Dark hair surround her small angelic face 

As water drips down in a slow steady pace

From that snowy white face

She cries "please save me,"

Then falls to the floor 

For no one can hear her 

And no one cares

Small whisper come back to her mind 

To remind her of why

"I'll love you forever though only you can see I'll be right beside you in your sweetest of dreams when the nightmares begin and you have run your last race I'll be right beside you to stare death in the face" 

She bore it no longer 

She stood up and ran 

The door could not hold her back from her plan

She ran to the night and stood in the snow

Reviving her spirit she felt so right

She screamed as loud as can be 

"I'll love them forever though only I can see they will beright beside me in my sweetest dreams they will come to my rescue when I've run my last race they help me see death and stair him in the face

I'll love them forever and ever I'll see nothing is too strong to take over me"

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