Outside watching cars pass,

Inside joking, listening to you laugh,

“Rock em sock em robots” on  the play station,

Dancing, singing to your favorite radio station,

Family trips to the zoo,

Now we’re missing,

First day of school,

First games of pool,

Yelling screaming stressed filled nights, I was so young,

He shows me the smallest gun,

Had a taste of a daughters love,

Years passed, learned life’s rough,

He used to be our father figure,

He ripped  our family apart should have figured,

Behind the hallway doors my first kiss,

Wrote my first poem “I wish”

2000 the battle begins,

The war within,

Living in sin,

Tears fall in the shadow,

Darkness hides the inside battle,

Seventh grade found a release for the pain,

Drip drop bloody rain,

Here and there a scar,

Distant in thought mind wonders to far,

Sanity gives its good-bye,

Anger fly’s,

Trust in mother dies,

Blackened eye’s busted lip,

A night never to forget,

Actions to regret,

Swimming at the lake,

Dreading as I wake,

A love loved but was fake,

I was left in heart break,

Music playing at a steady beat,

Waiting for our meet,

Against your body a steady speed,

Alone within this room,

Memories of all of you,

These words scared to show,

The past I went through,

Never forgetting the memories,

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