Life is only a life if there's something or someone to live for.

Life always revolves around the love for someonet that never seems to love you back.

Day after day, night after night wishing for the attention of a heart that will never love yours.

Tear's in your eye's you wish they would hold you and tell you everythings going to be alright.

Their fingers brush past your cheek, there lips touch yours.

Your heart races, your knee's get weak, but you know in the back of your mind their only playing with your heart.

They could never truthfully love you.

Though this repeat in the back of your mind you cant help but feel loved for the one moment.

Hope seems lost as they turn and leave.

You watch your love walk out of the door.

To scared to tell them not to leave. To scared for them to prove, what you already know. They used you, build you up to tear you down.

Making you want them more then leaving you to cry.

Proven, their never love you.

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