Oh Imam

Oh Hussein how can I love you and be afraid to fight your wars?

My inadequacies quickly become my scars.

Oh Hussein why can’t I be like Sukayna, your beloved

Or be like Hurr free from this ard?

Why can’t I be brave like Imam Zain ul-Abedeen

Standing up tall when my father is no where to be seen?

Why can’t I be like Abbass, your servant, your brother

And lose my life to give you drops of precious water?

How can I cry for you without feeling shame?

I torture myself with the thought of whether I would do the same.

Oh Imam with love so deep

Alaykal Salaam, for you our hearts despairingly weep

Your bitter story has touched my soul

Your beloved neck, I weep for your cause.

I cannot fathom the valor and iman

Your faith in Allah I have not yet embraced

I am lacking, Oh Imam, I want your grace

And love and faith and your thrist I want to taste

I cannot comprehend where I must begin

I am a sinner and in your presence I realize the greatness of my sin.

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