she stands in the desert sand, looking across the vast empty plain as the sun caresses her cheeks. she stood here once before, withering splendor lost without love, waiting for her destiny to come and save her. the material of her skirts dance playfully with the light breeze and she closes her eyes. with a deep breath she lets the contentedness flood her lungs, the happiness to light her heart, and the happy thoughts lift her lips into a smile. how many times has she walked this land wondering, waiting, incomplete. she feels it now, this engulfing pleasure of answered dreams. the sun has never failed to welcome her home, the slight sting of her skin turning crisp all too familiar. her childhood dreams are becoming realized.

she freezes for a split second upon feeling his arms surround her from behind and then leans into him, her eyes remain closed. who had brought him to her if not God. right under her nose he had lived and worked hard to care for his family, yet she had been walking with her head hung low, lost in a sea of sad reverie, digressing from one sad ending to the next. and now he had pulled her out, a helpless creature in a swirling river. now she was safe, he would care for her and love her and fill her life with the music of children's laughter and love songs.

she loved him, she truly did. he was the hope she had waited for as she peered into the horizon. he was the inspiration she felt when she thought up fantasies to publish. he was all the answers she had been given whenever she had prayed to God for happiness and guidance.and now she was waiting to begin the rest of her days with her heart beside his.

she looked up at him and smiled at the way his eyes squinted when he was deep in thought, and the way he chewed his lip. He was often gazing into the distance, and she wondered at the thoughts that would cause him to drift. she knew he found comfort in holding her close, but his battles were many and she wished she could take them away and bring back the child-like innocence she sometimes caught glimpses of.

he smiled, then kissed her forehead, and held her closer, "ready to go home?" he asked.

she nodded and they walked hand in hand across the vast stretch of land until they reached the house.

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