The palm of your hand is my favorite place
for it is the heart and the light of my world

my heart is completely and utterly yours, I have found no other love quite like you.
you are my happiness
you are my wonderment
you are my world

on your sleeve
my heart lies there

I have never found a love like this
it is not dibilitating, it does not hurt, it is peace.
you are my peace...

Look into my eyes, my love, look into my soul
I'm not afraid to

How can I see so clearly now, that

as i gaze into the eyes i do love beyond hope
i want to calm your fears and show you what you need to know

how many times will i look into your eyes and find that happiness has replaced your crystal pools of sorrow
don't be sad, my love, you will soon know...just wait for tomorrow

I love that smile you give when you become shy
I catch glimpses sometimes of who you must have been before I came into your life

I'm so in love with you baby, I've never felt this way
I feel like i have found my peace and security
you're not like anyone else I've ever met before
you have kindness and humbleness and so much more

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