The world is too beautiful a shade of green for your unsightly shade. Cast it aside and ride triumphantly with nature’s rainbow. Its green is not too deep nor too engulfing nor bitter nor heavy. It’s green is bright and happy and it takes your breath away to a far away land where smiles are plentiful and love is abundant. The place I want to be…forever. My sun will shine there and it shall never set, and it shall meet its counterpart, the glistening moon, and they will coexist and night and day shall become anonymous. “What is in a name” inscribed in a tableau by Mr. Shakespeare. Nothing. Nothing is in a name but an imprisonment of the boundless existence of emanating beauty. I shall not fall victim to this name-filled world.
I prefer to be lost. For in the lost vastness there lay countless possibilities, endless dreams—and so, of terror and hope? I only hope when I look up I will still find you, lost in the mist, a free spirit such as myself. I shall not approach you, I shall not seek you for physical warmth. I only search for your sparkle. Still close, still engulfing me. And then I shall turn back away and realize the gift of not being found and the even greater gift of sharing that with you, Mother.

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