Pondering Religion

The aim of our life cannot merely be to live this existence to it’s ‘fullest’, and thus do everything we possibly can, since to think it so puts in question why we are born as weak children at some point, and thus living unable to pursue this aim, or even as frail old individuals in the ‘end’ thus also unable to attain this aim or objective. What about those impoverished or in situations where the bare necessities are eluded from them? How can they possibly achieve this goal? Therefore this limited and material life lacks the ability to be proclaimed as our aim.

If our aim is ‘happiness’, we strive for it in vain. Wealth doesn’t last, our bodies become weak, our knowledge will FOREVER be incomplete to truly comprehend happiness and its attainment. Human nature defines us as a being which can never reach a happiness which lasts—perhaps intervals of happiness. But happiness as a goal, as an ultimate end, forever, cannot be reached. And we cannot have been created in vain.

Now another point. We want to figure out the meaning of life, what it is, what it isn’t. what does it mean? What is reality? In seeking to explore these answers, or even in living the answers we believe we have we come across a cross-sectional difference of opinion, views, and beliefs. These differences cause wars, arguments, clashes. Not one persons views on every reality in life is ever 100% correct because somewhere along the string of ‘theories’ and ideas comes a point where there is a clash. Their compatibility is lost. Both just CANNOT be considered correct and true, though also they cannot be considered false or untrue. Elimination of Contrast is the theory according to the science of logic is incorrect thus ‘considering both the contradictory ideas to be untrue would be in fact, denying every Reality’. One cannot consider all ideas true, nor all these ideas untrue.

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