If Per Chance You Shall See Me


If per chance you shall see me, wave not, for I have already forgotten thee
I shan’t remember your sweet caress once upon a time, nor the lips once mine, I shan’t.
No one else’s compares…
I cannot fathom the emptiness seizing my heart when I look into his eyes.
They are not honey,
Like the ones I have already forgotten.
They are not sad, like the ones I kissed.

They are not yours, the ones I miss.

I cannot comprehend this feeling surging within me, racing the blood flowing through my veins
I cannot understand this sadness creeping, catching me unawares.
I cannot remember when I was yours,
I can barely remember you.
I promise, it’s true.

How many thoughts will cloud my vision before the sky clears
The minds eye, my sky, no view
Only tears.
They won’t fall, they don’t, no more shall they
I have already forgotten thee
It’s my heart.
My heart doth betray me…

Spoken words unspoken in my mind
Empty thoughts, bliss
Recompense me.
Come back , compensate my heart.
Please erase the truth that doth stare into mine eyes like a burning fire threatening with its flame.

Put it out.
Save me.

I am patiently waiting, yet you won’t come
Retrieve me from this bubble, I cannot just float away.
The burden in my heart weighs me down, the burden of a lost love.
Where shall I empty it?
You can’t come…
You are not even you.
If per chance you shall see me, wave not…
I cannot even recognize you.

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