Tempestuous Love


Do not tempt me, my tempestuous love
Show me not your honey eyes, and your dewy tears.
I don't want to love you.
My heart hears you and caresses your cheek. My heart feels.
Look into mine eyes,

does not my soul look back?
Do not my eyes turn into liquid pools of sorrow?
Do you not see the life I would have unregrettably laid before you, at your feet?

Do not tempt me, my tempestuous love,
For I will not give in.
I won't.
And yet my heart protests in its wake, so I throw her back into a blissful oblivion of deep slumber.
My love, I am broken…
Do not tempt me,
I am broken.

Look at me.
My breath only to capture your essence inside of me,
Held tightly to my own essence.
Married, like we always wanted.

Perhaps what only a fragment of you always wanted.
I prefer not to dwell.

O tempestuous love, farewell.
I have gone in search of your disciples: con artists.
I have gone to face them, and turn away, as I have done with you.

Tempestuous love,
Do not tempt me with a lie.
Do not tempt me to hate you.

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