Story Writing

She hadn’t known it’d be this cold outside, she’d just gone out to watch the cars passing as the city lights shone above them.  It was somewhat calming for her to look into each car and create a life for each face she saw.  They each had a story and perhaps in some past memory she had indirectly been a part of that story.  

She sat on the bench facing the busiest street in London, warming herself with thoughts of families and true-loves.  One man would be racing home to tell his mother that the woman he had been in love with had answered ‘yes’ to his marriage proposal.  He’d hug his mother, swing her around, and then remember that he’d left the love of his life sleeping alone in her apartment when he never wanted her to be alone again, he’d quickly rush back and…

“What’s so funny?” Blinking she stared at the man who had sat next to her at some point in the big rush that was her thoughts. She smiled.

“Nothing, just thinking” she replied and looked back out into the nighttime traffic.

“You’ve been out here awhile, aren’t you cold?” he asked, wondering who the hell would come out to think on a cold London winter night at 2 o’clock in the morning.   And with that the cold rushed back into her bloodstream, and shivers racked her body.

“I am actually.  I’m going inside anyway, thanks.” She gathered her thoughts and walked back to her room and under the warm covers of her bed.    

She dreamed of colors, vivid colors swirling into one another, greens and pinks and yellows gathering mixing, splattering onto platforms of people, tubes and cars all shared the same drops of color, the entire city of London became engulfed in the swirls and the Thames was now a flowing river of paint.  She dove into the rainbow of color and searched the river floor for something, for someone she did not know.  She reached out to someone she could not identify and cried purple tears as he became sucked into the whirling waters of the Thames, snatched from her grasp, stolen from her life forever.

She woke up with a start.  Her heart felt heavy, her soul as if it had been weeping.  Her face was wet with tears, but everything else around her room looked normal, unmoved, unaffected.  Her pink lamp still stood on her bedside table, illuminating the title on her latest novel-interest.  Her toiletries were still standing in the same patterns as she had placed them in.  Her desk was still cluttered with papers and her laptop was still on. A message was flashing on the screen.  She got up and clicked the ‘read message’ button.

“Hey you,

Lana here. Listen, I have a huuuuugeeee favor to ask you.  I have a VERY hott date tonite.  Plz plz plz fill in for me? Yea? I swear I’ll make it up to you!! Call me when you wake up, love you ”

She looked at her clock.  Wow, she’d slept.  And with a sigh she called her friend at 3.30 in the afternoon and made arangements to fill in for her at the starbucks on Oxford Circus 6pm that evening.  Her own university job gave her off on weekends.


“Hi, welcome to starbucks, how may I help you?”

“One tall mocha frappacino please, hold the caramel and whip cream.”

“Coming up,” she said.  She didn’t recognize him from the night before.  She looked different in the light.  Her hair was a honey brown, braided and left down her shoulder.  Her eyes were a pistachio color.  Very strange, yet alluring he thought.  She looked a little tired today, she had light shadows under her eyes.  He’d never seen her work there before, and he could have sworn that ‘Lana’ were a different woman all together. He watched her take orders from her other customers.  She smiled occasionally flashing a breathtaking glimpse of beauty seemingly hidden beneath her starbucks costume.  She had a natural ease with her customers.

“Jake number 33, Jake number 33.” Jake picked up his mocha frappacino and walked out, losing himself amongst the masses of people, most of them tourists, on his way to his last lecture of the day.  


“Did you get the notes?” Lara asked.

“Yes sirree I did, here’s 11 pages of them for you.”

”Thanks Dan!!! I’m really sorry again, I had to fill in for Lana.”

”No problem babe.  Listen what you doing later tonight, a bunch of us are thinking bout going to the ice-bar later if you wanna come,” Dan asked.  He was very attractive, with blonde hair, light brown eyes.  His personality was a gift, he always made her feel happy.  Too bad he was gay, he could’ve  been her perfect man, she thought with a smile.

“I think I’ll stick it out today, thanks though,” she replied kissing him on the cheek.  She flipped through the notes in her hand reading highlighted facts here and there.  How big the world must be for complete poverty to exist in a manner unimaginable to even the poor of London.  She was completely shattered by thoughts of babies dying and mothers watching, of fathers being killed while children watched.  She could not gather these pictures in her mind, could not begin to imagine what life must be like for these unfortunate people.  She wanted, no needed, to do something.  She couldn’t sit here like this content with her life when she knew that somewhere in this world a child had just died.  Every three seconds some poor child was dying and it broke her heart to imagine the life that child would never have.  

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