Bay Side


The pride I felt when you stood up tall

knowing, together we defeated them all

washed over my heart, body, and soul

and it was then i knew, our life would take its toll.  

Your face was full of bruises and scars

received when we'd fought for what was truly ours

but the glowing in your eyes outshined them all

their own disappointment caused them to make their own fall.

When everyone had lost fate in our love, in us

we continued to fight and try to break through the crust

and when even then they couldn't seem to see

we left, and came here, to live and to be.

And even though we're all alone here

our love will continue to hold us dear

through the hard times and through the bad

when we're happy and when we're sad.

We live here, on the bay, by the trees

with the wind blowing, carrying the birds and the bees

and the water flowing gently with the rhythm of it all

as I sit here in the grass, and watch you crawl...

slowly you come and lay your head in my lap

and wrap your arms around me to put me in a trap

and the feelings of love glowing from your heart to mine

make me feel complete, happy, divine.

And as sure as I know the sun will come up tomorrow

shining through to take away all the sorrow,

I know that what we did was the right thing, forever more

as slowly you bring my lips to yours.

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