For so long all anyone could see

was the 'love' reflected in your eyes

but now it hurts to have to believe

that because of love, your heart is filled with soft, unheard cries

Yet they ARE heard from the heavens above,

from those who can really give you the love...

that angels deserve

because I assure you, you're cries are felt and are definitly heard

A broken heart has the power to mend,

but with scars left behind, the memories will stay

to remind you of the times with that so called friend

they will sweep you off your feet and may possibly have your happiness harbored at bay

In a life seeming so cruel

the choice is left only to you

and only you have the power

to keep a sweet life from turning sour

And so with you gift of kindness set your heart free

let it fly away...

let things just be

and like the wind it shall all return

the love, the happiness, the feelings of being needed and wanted

yet because you let it go, the sparks will turn into a fire

that will always burn

with a deeper passion that won't only bring love back,

but will allow you to learn...

that beacuse you were brave and because you stayed strong

you and only you gave yourself the ability to yearn

for what you truly desired and desire even now

and truly because of that I'm sure in the future,

you will look back and be proud of what you have earned

and you will remember with a soft sweet smile...

as you hold the hand of the man who was at the end of that long mile

the day your heart was broken and the day you thought it was the end

and say, then, that at that emotional moment was when it all really began.

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