Bitter End

Crying out to the darkened skies

she looks once again where her love's body lies

and brushes the hair off his pale, cold face

as her heart speeds up, in time's big race.

The tears stream down her cheeks, tender and raw

as the birds, squirrels, and owls all watch her in awe

her hands shaking she tries to wrap them around his own

in hopes of having the warmth replace the cold.

Her chin quivering, her lips turning blue

she cries even more and can't believe that it's true.

Painfully she remembers the hours before now

when he'd held her as they slept with the TV open loud

and the time before that when they'd both been awake

talking of how they were glad their hearts were at stake

for they knew their love would stand bold and true

truer then any love that any ever knew.

And now back in the present she remembers again

how her love's life had come to a bitter end.

She feels for a pulse with just a spark of hope

allowing her to take it all in, to cope,

but shattered suddenly that she feels none

she knows it's for sure, her love, he's gone.

Wiping the tears away from her eyes

she brings her lips to his in a last goodbye

and stands up with her shoulder's squared boldly

walking away from the scene, coldly.

How dare he make her shoot him like this?

when all of it seemed to bring her eternal bliss.

Why couldn't he just accept all the facts,

he loved her, she loved him, now they needed the pact.

But no he thought he was too good for it all

and that's when it all began to take its toll.

He only wanted her for a short give and take

just as all the others who had 'put their hearts at stake'.

Well in her book, there was no such thing

it was kiss, kiss, words then the ring.

What was he doing, her beloved man?

His spirit was around, that she could understand.

Was he mourning the loss of what they could have had

or wondering what had turned it all bad?

She missed him so dearly, that tears clogged her throat

but knew it wasn't healthly to dwell or to dote.

Maybe someday they shall meet again

and not have to face another end,

for mistakes will happen and from them you learn

and this mistake was the last when he was with her.

Coming back, she couldn't help but look at him

his soft face bluish in the light that turned dim

she hugged him close and as tight as she could,

and gave him something she knew that she should.

taking his hand and opening his fingers

was a difficult task but she had to hurry she couldn't linger,

in his palm, she put in the gun

and closed his fingers, got up and began to run.

She ran from the scene, from the house, from the love

and walked through the crowd quickly with a nudge and a shove

and never would she return to him again

till time brought on her own bitter end.

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