Blue Period


Today is different,

Today is new,

Tonight I'm going out,

With my friends,

We're going to the beach,

We're going to laugh,

We're going to hang,

We're going to have fun,

Then why do I feel so sad?

I painted my toenails blue today,

Maybe I should paint the fingers too?


Blue is all I can see,

Blue is all I can feel,

Blue has taken over,

My world is Blue

Blue is my heart,

Blue is my mind,

Blue is my soul,

I hear Blue,

I speak Blue,

I write Blue,

Think Blue

Not the Blue of the sky,

Not the Bluebird's Blue song,

Neither suede or navy jean,

Nor the deep Blue sea

Once in a Blue Moon,

Unzipped out of my skin,

Crawled into another's,

I am Kurt Cobain

Resurrected from the grave,

A temple,  

With windows reflecting Ash Pale Blue

Now I am Blue,

I stare at my hand,

Maybe I should paint my fingers too

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am painting a blue monochromatic painting of Kurt Cobain at school and so I've been focusing my mind set on everything blue. Thus the 'Think Blue'

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