The snake and the bird (Fable)

The snake and the bird

It was a very nice place, a warm jungle, a place in which animals live together as a family. There were all kinds of plants, food and animals in that island as beautiful as the very paradise. However, there is only one who doesn't feel part of the big family, the old snake who always hide behind in the shadows. Everyone fears him and don't even get close to his little dark cave.

One day a loyal quetzal, with particular tricolor feathers, decided to go visit the old snake because he thought that being his friend could learn many things about the life in the jungle and the nature laws because of his large path and experience. The bird went the snake's cave but he was asleep and everybody believed that he would get very mad if somebody disturbs him. The bird didn’t care about that and decided to wait and rest in the stem of a huge tree outside the snake’s cave until the he wake up. After a long wait, he decided to talk to the snake either if he has or hasn’t awaken, the bird went inside the cave and stood beside the snake and whisper to him "hello there, I want to have a talk with you dear friend" the snake didn't answer so the bird spoke loudly "hello friend" the snake finally wake up with a very fast movement, he was very surprised that someone was inside his cave so he asked the bird "What are you doing here?" the bird feel sad and said "Do you have any problem with that?, I just wanted to talk to you of a few things" and the snake say "Of course I have a problem, I don't receive uninvited people, now get out of mi cave" the bird run out very disappointed because he had the desire of being friend of the oldest member of the community.

The bird went with his best friend, the wisest animal in the jungle, the owl. The bird told him what happened with the snake and because of that, he felt sad because the snake rejected him. The owl advice the bird and told him not to worry about that and be patient. He said "Try again; remember that one who perseveres, achieves".

The bird was alone in his nest thinking of what the owl said and he thought that may be the snake reacted with anger because he did wake up the snake, so he decide to go again and try to talk to the snake, maybe this time he is awaken and things will work. He went again to the snake's cave and this time he was awake. Before the bird start talking the snake say "Hi little bird, you are welcome to my house and it's a pleasure having you here, what brings you here?" the bird very surprised, answered "Thank you, I don't want to bother you, I just want to talk to you of a few things".

Since that day, the bird and the snake had long conversations every day, the shared his experiences in the jungle and talked about how he has felt. The bird realized that the snake was completely different of what the other animals thought about him, they thought that the snake was very bad just because they feared him and very few of them have seen him. The bird doesn’t blame them because of that, but he realized that the snake was very kind and had a lot of things to share.

The old snake and the bird became good friends and both learn from each other.

The bird convinced the snake to gather all the animals and speak about who are you in order to end with their fear they have about you, the snake was very surprised after hearing that, because the last thing that he thought that other animals could think of him was fear, so he gather all the other animals and shared a lot of experiences with them, but at the end, the snake said "Before you judge me, try to know me".

Daniel de Jesus Ortiz Lopez
Lissette Navarro

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