My father's pocket pens

My father’s pocket pens

Every day I see him walking around the house getting ready to go to work, he is always using those 3 pens inside his pocket work shirt, strictly arranged in a specified order; the first one, gauzy and fancy on the left of the pocket, it is his own personal pen, even I couldn’t use it when I was a kid, and actually I haven’t use it yet, I’m not saying that he has had only that pen since I was a kid, he just buys always the same pen; I have never use it because I have never ask for it; Anyway, I think he has had this kind of pen since I was a kid because it is part of him, part of his work; He uses that pen very often, mostly when he is writing something that isn’t part of his job, like the groceries list. Then, the second pen, a little bit thin and black colored; it seemed like a very formal pen because it is the one that he uses when he is working; he uses that pen when he is about to write something that has to be done without mistakes, also because it is a fine-tipped pen, like his daily behavior; A few times I saw him writing his work notes with that same pen, numbers of measures, phone numbers of his clients and notes of pending things to do, all about his job. Finally, the third pen on the right of his pocket work shirt, a very common pen because it is the replacement pen if he lose one of the other two, but me and my father know that he couldn’t lose them, the only problem that I think of, is that the pens could break into pieces; the ink isn’t the problem neither because he has the magical replacement box, inside there is a black ink replacement only for that pen. The pens haven’t broke into pieces because if they do, my father’s emotional value could brake too; none of the pens have suffered any damage because he takes care of them by putting them into his work’s backpack (which he always carries when he goes to work) if he isn’t wearing his work shirt. The pens have become part of my father’s look when I see him getting ready to go to work; I hardly ever see him without the pens inside his pocket, suddenly I notice that something is missing about him, like something is wrong with him, it’s just because there are no pens inside the pocket.

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