Empty Promises

Oh my god they did you wrong baby

And I've been refusing to play along lately

Don't ever believe an advertising company 

They wanna leave rent free in your mind is now their property

They deal in empty promises my control harnesses

They deal in empty promises my control harnesses 


I fucking hate when people break their promises 

I'm always on alert 48 hours all work

You can catch me checking the walls in my house first 

Fuck kindness forget about trust 

I feel like I'm the only one guaranteeing himself a spot to the promise land baby


Come on

Tell me exactly how stupid

You can be

To burn your own lip

Planting your own giving tree

Bae forget about everything that you have seen

So you can have a little finacial stability

Do you really need that new Iphone

When you can't even afford your own car loan

I know I know I know the blue messages doh

Baby get on your own payroll

Heres a quick lesson in some self control.

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