What Comes Next

So is this how it starts

With that look in your eye

Where should we go

To make worth of all this time


Scared to leave the room 

Don't know where to go

Oh please give us a clue

Tell us what we should do


We are saying

What could happen next

That will be so great

Yeah what will happen next

That could be so great


They're saying

Take it

Take it all in

Don't be so scared

Let your stride begin





Life will go on

Don't take to long

You will find where you belong



You have 70 plus years to make of it all

So what are you doing here and waisting your fall

This will be such a hard thing to do alone

So find a couple of good friends to bring along

I will make something great from an average life

Forge it with my hands in the dead of the night

This is my start this is where I begin

I will never stop until the very end

Until it is my end

Until it is my end

Until it's my


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