From the first time

I looked… into your eyes,

That very first feeling I got

Remains… repeating deep inside

Even after being with you for every second

Of every night

I miss you madly

When you’re physically out of sight…


Cause this is how I feel

How I’m always going to be

With you in my life

Comes a better part of me…


From that second you walked through the door

That vary first moment you arrived

I knew I wanted more…

As my body came alive


Every time I hear your name

Close my eyes… and see your face

 Shivers run down my spine

As my lips can feel your taste


Cause this is how I feel

How I’m always going to see

With you in my life

Forever it will be…


Over a year and so many days

I still have the first feelings I felt

That will always remain…

No matter…whatever comes

These feelings will never change

Forever I will live my life

And never…will these feelings fade…


Cause this is how I feel

Deep down inside of me

I enlighten you with this

So you and the whole world can see

That forever I will feel

Forever I will be

Together as one

Forever…you and me!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

2/3/10 writen for Melissa Domenica Mason... thank you for making these words come true...out of me...and into you!!!!

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