Forever means forever

The End of nowhere

I live my life for more

than all thats expected to be

and all thats giving

to rise above the rest.

Giving it all

to you and much more

trying to persue the world

by giving it my best.

Cause your my heart

and your my sole

dont tell me no

when you mean more....

Stop pretending

stop forgetting

how we meet on this very day

its our aniversary and forever

it will be.

You cant take away

all thats been made

you cant give something

thats been givin to trade...

Im living my life

the best that I can

god has placed me here

and for this I will show him im a man..

but if you cant help me

in any way

I will pass you by

the best that I can....

Your thoughts keep rising to my head

im sorry to say the only way to forget

is for you to be dead...

not a wish

not a dream

im saying this

because my inner is being mean...

but its not me.

and will never be

as my words to you will only be clean..

Im a drifter

yes thats what I am

can only hold back

the way that I am.

Still to you I was once your man...

And forever this will be my stand

That I lean and that I hold

take me now

for you have won my sole.....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

again just words that came to my head...I placed them here and this is what I said....

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