I placed the nails in Jesus's hands and feet

I put the crown of thorns on his head for people to see

I hung him upon that cross, I beat him until he couldn't stand

I am guilty, I have innocent blood resting on my hands

and yet I walk through life like I am innocent as a puppy

when he suffered and died that day all because of me

yet I feel he owes me a good life without troubles or cares

I should be grateful he knows my name at all after the pain he bares


I killed him

with my sin

and left him bloodshed

with every hateful word I said

I place my hands behind my back because I am guilty

and yet I have been proved innocent cause he died for me

paid for me with his own blood so that I could have a second chance to live

my Lord of Lords was my defense attorney at my trial and gave all he could give

I insulted him and denied him all the same

I caused him all sorts of suffering and pain

I am the reason he has scars in his hands and feet

I am the whip that flogged his back and caused him to bleed

and I am eternally ashamed that I did that to my king

the Lord of Lords who I love more than anything

I will never be able to pay back my loan that he gave me

he was my life line and donated all his blood to set my soul free


I don't want money or gold

I don't want fortune's untold

all I want, all that I desire

is to praise Jesus and lift him higher

to get on my knees and worship him more

to be closer to him than I ever was before

I am ever grateful that he chose to save me

though I was unclean and was not worthy


Author's Notes/Comments: 

One thing a lot of us forget is that we are all responsible for Jesus's death, we all are just as responsible for his death as the people who actually killed him.  We all have blood on our hands, none of us are without blame.

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