I've been wrestling with the darkness ever since the sun fell out of the sky

the only light I have left are the flames that burn from the candles that catch my eye

I've been folding up my hands and closing my eyes to pray

but completely toungetied I'm always left with nothing to say

I want to tell you everything I feel but the words won't leave my mouth

and I can't make sense of all these raindrops that fall from the clouds

it used to come so naturally so why now do I feel so without words

why can't I begin to tell my Lord of Lords how I feel and how I hurt


I tried and tried to climb this mountain

I drank every drop of water from your fountain

I tried and tried to swim across this ocean

but all these things have left me so outspoken

but now I know what I was missing all this time

I needed you to be with me and I had left you behind

I tried to lift weights so I had the strength to lift the sun back up

but I became so dehydrated that I needed you to fill my empty cup

but every time you took that emptiness away from me I became so lonely

I thought I longed for you to give it back when really what I wanted was you with me

they say faith the size of a mustard seed can move a mountain well I guess it's true

because when I found my faith the sun rose back up again and my sky was once again blue


now the darkness hides from me because it knows I have a light in my soul

and the light can not go out unless I let it and let my faith run low and get cold

cause with God anything is possible, there is nothing I can't defeat

so come what may I am not afraid of the challenges I may come to meet


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