Bang me


well we have a hotel room for two tonight

and all I wanna do is just hold you tight

so let me lay you down upon this bed

and take of your suit of bright red

or better yet you can do a striptese

cause you have always been such a tease

so here's a pole, you can do a lap dance

leave me breathless, leave me in a trance


bang me so I don't get pregnant

whoops I mean bang me so I don't get my period

oh the hell with it just bang me

ride me like you are in a dirty rodeo

love me like I'm Juliet and you are Romeo

cause I think having sex is going farther than making out

so leave me craving more as I loudly scream and shout

you've got to be joking that's all you've got for me

maybe I'll seduce you more so whistle if you like what you see

bang me like a stick hitting a drum in a band

bang me with everything you are and all I am


we have a hotel room and two beds

screw it cause we only need one

so let's get caught in the heat of the moment

let's have a little too musch fun


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Okay, so this is completely different from anything I have ever written before but I didn't write it to be all sexual I wrote it based on an inside joke between me and my friend so please don't think I'm just being bad by writing this it is meant as a joke.

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