When I break free


bound in these chains that imprison me

I try and try but can't break free

I have a passion for life but they are trying to kill it

I bring my empty soul to you every night so that you can fill it

I want to get closer to you but these chains hold me back

and my smiles burn in their negativity from the strength I lack

I try to stay positive, I try to stay cheerful and sane

but the guilt posses me and I feel as if my happiness is in vain


When I break free from these chains

my lips will praise your holy name

and nothing will be in the way

I'll speak the words I've always wanted to say

you'll recieve the worship I've always wanted to give

and I will be able to enjoy every moment I live

I will no longer drown in their horrible misery

I will raise my hands up high when I break free

I will fly like a bird in the sky

soaring on the clouds way up high

these chains will no longer imprison this soul

I will live for Christ and be made completely whole

I will spread my wings and release my passion that has been bottled up inside

and I will never have to be afraid because you'll always be by my side

I wish I could share my joy with them but every time I try

they reject it like an allergic reaction never knowing why


Always depressed

can't they see we are blessed

my soul is itching inside my skin

cause everything has changed since I let Jesus in


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is written about the feeling that I am being held back from my relationship with Christ and who I really am by my family and their negativity and I just want to find a way to break free and release my passion for life and for God.

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