Ch-ch-ch-Charles de Gaulle

Charles de Gaulle has changed,
Oh yes,
It has,
The alteration is stunning.

Where once I recall, at the age of thirteen,
Traipsing through a vast space red marble floored
(It probably wasn’t marble),
A window-wall gave out onto
That Parisian concrete running
On the right, and to the left,
And to the left...
I remember nothing but a
Mass of numbers. Never good with

But most of all, the lack of seats
That really hurt all of our feet,
And made us feel most unwelcome,
Like we weren’t even worth the income.

And now, they have seats, Mon Dieu!
Such relief, just to sit down,
Significantly softens
My frown.

And yes, it creaks, but what can you do?
So, Charles de Gaulle, here’s to you.
For having changed your ways so soon.

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