I don’t know how to write for other people
So I’m writing for people like me
Those who use poetry to set themselves free

I’m not grammatically correct and I swear like a sailor
It’s not your typical type artistic behavior

I don’t know shit about couplets
Diameter or anything of that measure
Normally I write strictly for personal pleasure

I read some other poems on this website
And don’t get me wrong I was intimidated all right

It took me a while to think about which poem I should post
They are so raw and uncensored and that isn’t a boast
I thought to myself wow…none of this will do
Without first letting my audience know what they’re getting into

Don’t look for metaphors or similes when it comes to me
Putting the pen to the paper I just do what comes naturally

All of my stuff rhymes, is unpunctuated and occasionally I make up words
Beauty, flowers and all that shit is for romantics, brainiacs and the birds
It’s evident by now I never learned how to set up a poem properly
And if you’re looking for proper anything then never look at me

I write for self-expression, a little piece of freedom
My poems are always outlets for me whenever I may need ‘em

I wrote this poem as a little icebreaker or better yet an advisory
Profanity, sex, vanity, rhymes and insanity are my specialty
If you don’t like subjects people may misconstrue
As taboo, my poetry is probably not the place for you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

hi ; )

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