My Black Cloud

A black cloud is hovering over my head

I recognise it from a past time

When it rained the drops felt like acid burning into my skin

Except no one could see what was happening

They couldn’t see me screaming in pain


One person however could see, I don’t know what gave me away

It could have been my fake laugh

It could have been my bitter sarcasm

It could have been those treacherous tears

The ones I cried when I thought no one was looking


That person was my sunshine at least for a little while

They destroyed my cloud with their golden rays

They made my heart lighter

They took away the burdens I thought I’d always carry

But even they could not be there forever


For a while I was my own sun keeping away the dark

But my light couldn’t stay so bright on my own

The black cloud is back worse than before

This time it is a raging storm with bolts of lightning

It is heavier and darker, it is unbreakable


Now I’m on my own with no warriors beside me

I will have to enter the waging battle

I will at least try to win for –

I don’t know who for 

Perhaps for someone I have yet to meet

For if go into battle for no one I will lose

And I will be lost in the storm

Forever consumed by the black cloud

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