Life is a rollercoaster
In the dark in reverse
The kind that terrfies you
Yet draws you onwards

Full of twists and turns
Of Gut renching lows
And Heart rending highs
If you could look, for just a peek
you would wish you handnt
Yet the uknown of it is a horror

Strapped in unable to escape
Safe in the knowldge you cant get away
One second your screaming
And the next dreaming
The G that pins you down
And the one of esctacy
Making you float like a butterfly

If we knew what awaits us
Our courage would fail
In darkness we carry on
Heroes every one
We all have a clip that can release us
Let us fly off into oblivion

Is it weak to push the button
Nay its the only strongest who can
irony of honour is to stay the course
And pursue what little happiness we can
Is to be weak in the strongest of ways

The finality is inevitable
But who has the courage to decide
Choosing your own fate
Is the hardest and most selfish
For we are inward looking
Our grief is limitless

I salute you who can look out
For you are the greatest of legends
Those who can give everything
Keep nothing and yet gain everything

If we knew would we have gotten on
Or run for the hills,
Would our courage flee us
Or help us prevail
I for one do not know about you
But i probably would have fled.
Actually no probably about it....

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