one more time for ho jo

you know i can't wait

another wasted line

i'm sittin in the corner

i can feel the weight

of my head on top of my spine

there's nothing to be scared of

once you've seen the the light

reflecting through the screen

a eudaemonistic life composed of

tar and nicotine

you know it

you know it

you know it

cause you've seen it

now you believe it

you know it because it seems so real

sit back

and relax

and do nothin

you'll laugh

then you'll cry

then you'll feel nothin

implanted images of morality

images of life

they seem so real

one more time for ho jo

what does it mean?

i'm not sure i know

while looking for somebody

deep inside a dream,

my sunshine turns to snow

now it's blowin inside

i don't feel the cold

yet i'm frozen to my seat

my eyes have seen the truth

and still my mind admits defeat

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