we ain't shit

tear that poster off the wall

it takes up too much space

we ain't no fucking rock band man

a professional disgrace

is the word i would use to describe

the noise that we're making

feedback, wrong key, a lack of dignity

don't think we don't know we're fucking losers

washed up old men

the years we play the same four chords

over and over and once agin

posing as musicians

to justify why we get paid

time to forfeit

we may be in the light but we ain't shit

we know that we ain't shit

we may not get respect

we may be riding on a one way ticket down

but i got no regrets

i can't remember ever having a better time

we may forsake it

but we'll make it to the show

we'll be sedated

what did you expect

one, two, go

on the road to pity

we just passed integrity

pull the plug and put us out of

this aural misery

giving a new meaning to flogging a dead horse so

we all agree, please drop us at the next glue factory

yeah, yeah, yeah

we know that we ain't shit

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