last night was really fun?

last night was really fun

that's what i heard from almost everyone

i got a hand stamp

but not a first hand account

i don't remember what booze i drank,

i'm not sure what kind of drugs were done

without any account

can you count it as fun?

i don't remember what notes to play

i don't remember the words i sing

was it a good show

if you can't remember a thing?

who sharpied 'slut' on my forehead?

how did this blood get on my shirt?

was it aggravated assault

if you're the only one who got hurt?

i might have met her on myspace,

i think i went over to her place

does it count as sex

if you can't remember her face?

i dislocated my knee

how come my bedroom smells like piss?

was it a good time?

what did we talk about?

afternoon fades to blackout

who's number is this on my hand?

why do i have shoes without socks?

maybe this is the right time for a supervised detox

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