The mother I once knew got lost, went missing

I needed her, but she couldn't do shit to actual keep focus

The disappearance of you created quite a few emotions

My heart was like a chunk of ice, cold and could hurt you if you tried to hold it

Everything I felt then was like a knife stabbing me in already infected wounds

My mind couldn't handle the news that your life had ended

I still sometimes find it fucked up that nothing seems to makes sense

I don't understand how you were here and then one day be suddenly dismissed

You were checked out of your life, but maybe those were your intentions?
You were existent, but now you are nothing, but a bittersweet thought

You are a memory so lovely, so funny

But memories can also be ugly, be a burden to those that weren't loving or lacked forgiveness 

I can never explain where you could of gone or who you could now be
Another life? Another world? Where are you my mommy?
I need you, or maybe I don't and never did

I just wish I could have experienced the happy side of you that once lived

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wish she could hear me.

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